Shattered Kingdoms

Welcome to Oakbridge!
Begins Sar, Nymm 7, 998 YK
Returned from their latest job, our heroes finally have some time to kick off their boots, sit back and settle into their new digs in Oakbridge.


Memories of the Fall
Sul, Nymm 1 through Mol, Nymm 2, 998 YK
With the bustling city of Sharn rising up far above them, our heroes search the ruins of the Glass Tower in the depths of Fallen. After the battling gangs of ravers, giant rodents and restless spirits they at last located and entered the home of the Stone Keepers, a notably strange raver clan who make their home in an inverted tower shard left over from the Fall. Memelith.jpg
Shards of Hubris
The evening of Sar, Dravago 28, through Sul, Nymm 1, 998 YK
Rested and revitalized, recovering from the Aureon’s Crown celebrations, our heroes gird themselves for the business of carving out a place to call home in the bustling City of Daggers. In pursuit of this, they’ve accepted another salvage commission that has come their way, this time from a wealthy elven scholar whose home in Skysedge Park was recently burgled. hand.jpg

“The terms are straight-forward enough,” stated Kaelys Tela, lounging in the immaculate parlor of her home, Silvervine Tower. Immaculate, that is, save for the corpse of a filthy young man dressed in rags sprawled on the marble floor. “I am confident that the thieves came from Fallen. I don’t know if you know Sharn, but there are few places more wretched and dangerous. I don’t dare go there myself – that’s where you come in. If you go to Fallen and recover my property – a delicate hand carved from white marble, ending in a shattered forearm – I’ll pay you 900 pieces of gold. But…” She had leaned forward at this last, the only sign of true animation the glamorous elf had shown the entire interview. “If you recover the entire stature from whence it came, that gold becomes platinum. Are you interested?”

Wir, Dravago 25, through Sar, Dravago 28, 998 YK


Once again catching Captain Shane and the Happy Necromancer on its return leg to Sharn, our heroes enjoy some well-earned R & R as they ‘escort’ their patron, Lady Elaydren d’Vown, home from Rhukaan Draal. Parting ways at the harbor, the party stares up at the floating spires of the City of Daggers’ skyline and considers its options, being burdened with much loot, but no longer having a place to live…

The party returns from Darguun as the City of Towers prepares for the Holy Day of Aureon’s Crown, bedecking the streets with stylized blue dragons and the open tome (or black & white octagram) of Aureon, the wisest of the Sovereign Host. Crowds flock to the Upper Menthis University District and the Great Hall of Aureon, where Zor next learned priests will provide sermons and lectures on all manner of topics. Aureon’s Crown is traditionally graduation or advancement time for students and in the evening every community in the city will host huge feasts in honor of their various elders, who share their wisdom with younger generations.

Shadows of the Last War: The Machine Chamber
Sul, Dravago 8, through Wir, Dravago 11, 998 YK
Deep in the bowels of Whitehearth, our heroes come across a strange chamber filled with strange arcane gear, blistering heat, molten glass and a pair of angry fire elementals! Could this place hold their long-sought goal, the missing schema? Can they overcome its guardians? More importantly, can they escape the Mournlands with the prize?

After defeating the unbound fire elementals in the final laboratory of Whitehearth, our heroes finally recovered not only the long sought after schema (along with a replica presumably created by the fallen research staff), but also what appears to be a related creation pattern!

Emerging from the ruins of the Cannith research facility they find Brother Garrow and soldiers of The Emerald Claw lying in wait for them! A tense stand off and a brutal battle ensued ending with the party battered but victorious and a wounded Brother Garrow in full flight.

The group then returned to Darguun and Rhukaan Draal via Failin’s elemental cart, where, after leaving the strange little merchant-in-exile set up with enough stock looted from the Whitehearth supply rooms to open his own bizarre, they re-connected with their patron, Lady Elaydren d’Vown.

Overjoyed at the recovery of the schema, Lady Elaydren paid our heroes the agreed upon sum plus a stiff bonus. Unbeknownst to Lady d’Vown, the group only honored the letter of of their commission, concealing from her that they had also reclaimed a duplicate schema and the ancient creation pattern to which appears to belong.

Shadows of the Last War: Whitehearth
Far, Dravago 6, and Sar, Dravago 7, 998 YK.
Braving the dangers of Darguun and Rose Quarry, our heroes have succeeding in evading agents of The Emerald Claw and slipping away with the correct location of the lost secret Cannith research facility located in the wreckage of what was once the kingdom of Cyre. Now they stand poised amidst the devastation of the Mournlands to enter the complex and retrieve the missing schema for Lady Elaydren, but puissant questions remain unanswered. What is this schema for and why is Canneth West so desperately interested in it? Is it somehow related to the previous schema our adventurers acquired for her from the ancient foundry in Sharn? Do they have anything to do with the Day of Mourning? What do both the Lord of Blades’ inimical followers and the Emerald Claw want with them? Why does Cannith West appear to wish to conceal the schemas’ discovery from the rest of House Cannith? And lastly, but perhaps most relevant to our heroes, what dangers await them in the ruins of Whitehearth?
Shadows of the Last War: Darguun
Sul, Dravago 1 through Far, Dravgo 6, 998 YK.
Once again in pursuit of a House Cannith heirloom for the mysterious Lady Elaydren d’Vown, our heroes find themselves in the teeming goblin metropolis of Rhukaan Draal, the very heart of Darguun. Seeking safe passage to a ruined quarry on the old Cyran border, they’ve made contact with a shady human named Failin, who claims to know the way – but can he be trusted?

Our feisty heroine, Quillathe d’Lyrandar, and her trusted companions follow the mysterious Failin from the tavern, drinks untouched. He hurries through Rhukaan Draal, rushing the group through the streets to the outskirts of the city. As the group turns a corner, two bugbears step into the road, blocking the path. The group glances behind to see that three more bugbears have closed in from behind. The goblinoids are armed with morning stars and javelins, and boast leather armor. The party is trapped! Then the largest and smelliest of them speaks.

“Failin, do you have the money you owe us? You cheated us.”

“Skrag, I was just going to come find you and give you some money! I don’t have the money on me yet,” replied Failin. He turns and whispers to Elleia, the elven cleric. “These guys are assholes. We should go.”

The bugbears growl and make threatening noises, so Caredric nocks an arrow, prepared to shoot if they attack! Val activates her inertial armor, sensing the ill-intent of the bugbears. Ivello, Quill’s brave cousin, decides to pull out his crossbow so he will not be left out of the action! Quill also readies her trusty blade. As the party prepares for battle, one of the bugbears throws a javelin at Failin!

Failin cries out and slumps to the ground. Elleia grabs him, pulling him into a nearby alley for cover. Wysteria d’Vadalis, in an attempt to cool tempers, casts entangle. Grey Fist tries to engage a bugbear close to him in hand to hand combat, with little effect. Combat ensues!

Soon enough, Quill and her friends have defeated the unfortunate Skrag, and Grey Fist offers the bugbears the opportunity to withdraw. They do so, and the party moves on once Elleia has healed Failin’s wounds.

Failin leads the group to a secluded area and rolls up his right sleeve. Quill is amazed to see a House Orien dragonmark on his arm, which he touches to the rock outcropping. As he adjusts his sleeve back down, a wagon appears from behind the stone. The wagon has a canvas cover, four wheels and is decorated with an undulating pattern of constantly shifting stone, gems and crystalline structures. He offers to let Elleia ride for free in exchange for healing his wounds.

Quill and her friends arrive at Rose Quarry, a previous holding of House Cannith, at twilight on the 4th. A wall of dead grey mist can be seen in the distance. Failin explains that the mist is the border of Cyre, now called The Mournland. In the large plateau below, Quill sees the sad remnants of the village of Roseport. She can see chimneys and facades, but there is little left that is not stone, covered in ice.

Someone is in Roseport! The group can see tents and figures moving around below in the light of a large fire pit. They see more than a score of horses and a covered wagon. There are seven humanoid figures with armor and helms in evidence. Skeletons armed with scythes guard the camp from the shadows.

In order to scout, Quill, Ivello, Caredric and Elleia sneak closer and make a shocking discovery! What appeared at first glance to be ice is actually glass! A songbird rests embedded in over 1” thick glass, perfectly preserved forever. They determine that Ivello and Caredric should continue scouting while Quill and Elleia keep watch close by. Elleia casts Hide from Undead on the pair and they move further into the town.

In the buildings, Ivello and Caredric find people burned alive and covered in glass. In the next alley, they find a dwarf, partially burned and covered in glass. In another alley, they found where something was chipped out of the glass. They hear a faint screeching sound…the sound of glass scraping across glass. They see three horribly burned looking dwarves, covered in glass walk past them. Clearly, their unexpected competition is chipping dead bodies out of the glass and animating them!

Ivello and Caredric bravely move up to spy on the camp. They see a score of soldiers and skeletal guards, in addition to the glass zombie patrols. In what appears to be the command tent, there are three beds and a coffin! Hearing what sounds like faint chanting, continue moving to the north towards the largest building in the village.

The large building is made of red marble, and has a carving over the doorway of the House Cannith bull. Across the street is a chapel of the Sovereign Host, and within that edifice ritualistic chanting can be heard. After watching zombies pull glass and stone out of the buildings, they realize that this force is likely looking for the same thing they want! Ivello suggests they leave by saying cleverly, “We’re being proactive. These people don’t even know they want to kill us yet.”

Back at camp, Maker studies the mysterious rod provided by the group’s powerful Cannith benefactress. He is able to determine that it is a key charm. The party spies on the larger force and realizes that they are with a terrorist group known as The Order of the Emerald Claw! Realizing that they cannot allow such a powerful item fall into the hands of such a group, Quill and the others decide to move under cover of night.

While Failin prepares to leave swiftly, Elleia, Caredric, Ivello and Val make their way to the Cannith building to find the map. In order to gain access to the building, they are forced to kill two guards and destroy a zombie guard. Once inside, Ivello discovers a number of statues and inscriptions in the main room:

White Hearth – Wolf and falcon statues:
On Wolf:
Cablin Hall, Red Seal, SW 15
On Falcon:
Black Hearth, Black Seal, SE12
Black Hearth – Knight and Griffon statues:
On Black Knight:
Kronu Hall, White Seal, N6
On Griffin:
Red Hearth, Red Seal, SE7
Red Hearth – Dragon and Lion statues:
On Lion:
Tallis, Black Seal, E4
On Dragon:
White Hearth, White Seal, NE9

They quickly surmise that these indicate places to stand to find maps to the various locations. Val uses her autohypnosis ability to memorize each map for future reference. They scatter rubble back over the floor to conceal what they learned from their enemies. As they are leaving, they run into a guard bringing breakfast to the others. They silence her quickly, but not before they are spotted. Taking the dead guards’ breakfast, they run for the wagon, while their opposition chases them on horseback!

Failin pulls the wagon forward, picking up the heroes before they are caught! They drive through the night, leading any pursuit back towards Rhukaan Draal. Then they head fearlessly into The Mournlands in search of Whitehearth. The map was accurate, and Failin is able to drive straight to an entrance leading down underground. While Quill and Wystaria debate the wisdom of leaving Failin alone in such a dangerous place, Caredric spots an undead vulture following them. He shoots at it, and it swoops away, returning to attack Failin viciously! Grey Fist destroys the creature, saving the day.

Shadows of the Last War: Sharn
Sul, Eyre 22nd through Sul, Dravago 1, 998 YK.
Wherein our heroes find that they have not heard the last of Lady Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith and that not all things that have been buried remain so…

Taken from Amy’s notes:

Minhamelk, Val’s uncle, left on a Lyrandar ship shortly before the end of the war to Stormreach. Val spends 10s to pay a clerk to do research to find the ship.
Quill writes Aunt Krishena a letter asking her to sponsor us to the Clifftop Adventurers Guild. We decide against the Deathsgate Explorers group.
Wystaria and Maker went to House Sivis message center and someone had broken in. The House Sivis rep was unconscious. We had a message via speaking stone and they broke in and took it. It was apparently kobolds and a cloaked figure. Maker thinks based on the footprint that the cloaked figure is warforged.
We are discussing the missing message when something streaks by the balcony. Caredric goes out to check, and a giant owl shows up right in his face. It gives him a message and flies off.
The normal means of communication seem to have been compromised, so I have sent this special messenger to personally find you and deliver this letter.
You served me once before and now I need your help again. Time is short. I feel that our enemies have discovered me and are closing in.
Meet me at the place where we first discussed heirlooms and job opportunities. Act quickly, for I believe that we are all in terrible danger.
Your patron, Lady E”

We head to the Broken Anvil. It is in Mason’s Tower, carved into the outer wall. There is only one customer inside…a woman in a warm brown cloak. As we enter she raises her hand as if to cast a spell. She is wearing a mud spattered outfit and is dirty and messy.
“Thank Olladra you’re here. There is no time to waste. Instructions, gold, supplies, are all in this pack. Take it and go. The reward will be great if you accomplish this task.”
The doors burst open as we pick up the pack. 4 kobolds rush in, and a large cloaked figure fires a crossbow at Lady E. There are 4 more kobolds outside behind him.
Round 1:
• Quill attacks with her rapier but misses.
• Lady E casts Mage Armor.
• Caredric drew his sword and attacked a kobold
• Maker casts Grease.
• Ivello fires a crossbow bolt at a kobold but misses
• Val take a five foot step and casts Inertial Armor
• Wystaria moves back beside Lady E and turns a table up for cover
• Grey Fist charges a kobold and swings. He kills the kobold.
• The Kobolds: one stands, and both Caredric and Quill get an attack of opportunity. Caredric cuts him in half and Quill puts her rapier through his skull. Another stands and Grey Fist gets an attack of opportunity. He kills this kobold as well. The next kobold tries to run out of the grease. Maker gets an attack of opportunity (subdual) on him, and he flips into a table and is knocked unconscious.
• Cutlass moves back and reloads his crossbow
• Elleia casts Bless

Round 2:
• Quill readies an action to do Gust of Wind if the kobolds try to jump the grease
• Lady E readies an action
• Caredric shoots Cutlass
• Maker casts Grease on Cutlass’ crossbow
• Ivello holds his action
• Val shoots her crossbow at a kobold. She hits him.
• Wystaria casts Flare, but Cutlass resists the effects
• Grey Fist moves up to the edge and readies an action to attack anyone entering a threatened square
• The Kobolds: one jumps the grease and Quill activates her Dragonmark, smashing him into the far wall and killing him. Another kobold is knocked prone. One made a slingshot attack against Quill but missed. The final kobold holds his action. Ivello moves into range and fires his crossbow at the fallen kobold.
• Cutlass fires his crossbow at Quill, hitting her and draws his sword. He says “And now it is time to kill the traitor!” pointing at Grey Fist
• Elleia shoots at Cutlass with her longbow but misses.

Round 3:
• Lady E keeps her readied action ready
• Caredric uses his rapid shot feat to shoot Cutlass twice and hits both times
• Maker tries to intimidate the remaining kobolds “I grow tired of this…yada, yada…crystal mind spiders…yada, yada” – the last two kobolds run, and Cutlass is shaken
• Val casts Control object on the table, which clunks out towards Cutlass and attacks him; the table hits him and does damage
• Wystaria holds her action
• Grey Fist moves up 5 feet to the doors and attacks, hitting Cutlass
• Quill tumbles through his square and flanks him
• Ivello shoots his crossbow at Cutlass
• The Kobolds: 2 left – running away
• Cutlass is shaken. He chooses to attack Quill, and swings wildly missing by a mile.
• Elleia casts True Strike on herself.

Round 4:
• Lady E keeps her readied action ready
• Caredric uses rapid shot to attack Cutlass twice with his bow, the arrow take him through the head

Lady E encourages us to leave immediately before more assassins show up and she leaves. The innkeeper requests that we leave also. Val tries opening the backpack. It’s a Heward’s Handy Haversack.

Ivello searches the bodies for clues. Quill addresses the innkeeper, who again asks us to leave immediately, and says her house will clean up the mess as a favor to Lady E. She never saw us.

C’Ge tells us that he watched carefully and a warforged and 8 kobolds entered while we were inside.

Maker goes to the Watch. Quill, Grey Fist and Wystaria stay at the inn and wait.

Officer Samuel James is in charge of the Watch that shows up. Quill makes a diplomacy check and he says they are free to leave.

Val, Elleia, Caredric, Ivello and C’Ge return to the room and search for traps and listeners. They only found ink on the outside door knob. Quill, Grey Fist and Wystaria show up.

Maker returns to the room. He sees the ink.

“Has our room been disturbed, has anyone been here that we don’t know?”

From Cutlass:



1 Handy Haversack
3 containers of holy water
3 potions of CLW
1 tony rod of blue metal, 3” long, sapphire embedded at the end
1 pouch with 150 pp
1 casket with 500 gp
2 pieces of paper
1 everbright lantern
1 flint & steel
1 healer’s kit
5 torches
3 empty sacks
80 arrows
80 crossbow bolts
50’ of silk rope
6 bedrolls
6 filled waterskins
18 days of trail rations

Lyrandar Enclave:
There are no airship privateers currently in Sharn. However, there is an Elemental Galleon making the run to Rhukaan Draal leaving on the 25th – 6 day trip – scheduled to arrive the evening of the 24th. It is called The Happy Necromancer, under Captain Lewis Shane d’Lyrandar.

We leave our room and flee to Fallen, hoping to hide there until the 25th.

In Fallen:

Faela, a half elf runs an abandoned church on behalf of the Silver Flame. We arrive after dark at Blackstone Church. We are in time for the evening chow line. We help out and clean the place. We rest.

The next day Faela gives a sermon about evil. “We are all warriors in the fight against the evils of everyday life and erosion of compassion.”

We upgrade everyone’s ID, and get IDs for Val and C’Ge. We get traveling papers for everyone from House Lyrandar. We stop briefly in Korranberg. The crew teaches C’Ge sea chanties.
“The Happy Necromancer’s Glee Club”

C’Ge asks about some of the lyrics. “What does grass tickles your ass mean?”
C’Ge asks what underwear is. “Ivello, show him my underwear,” says Quill.

On the evening of the 27th, we are boarded by pirates. Maker sees them and rings the alarm. Quill and Ivello are drinking with Val, Elleia, Caredric and Wystaria. Quill and Ivello are at -1; Val, Caredric and Elleia make their Fort save and are sober.

Round 1:
• 6 Pirates (starboard) boarded the ship
• Maker casts Grease on the port rail.
• 6 Pirates (port) try to board. 3 fall into the ocean.
• The crew move to defend.

Round 2:
• Pirates (starboard)
• Makes casts Force Screen on himself and advances.
• 6 Pirates (port) are attacking Maker, and trying to climb one of the masts.
• The crew attacks the pirates while screaming for help.

Round 3:
• Val casts Inertial Armor on herself as we all run to the deck.
• Pirates (starboard) kill one of the crew.
• Maker casts Vigor on himself.
• 6 Pirates (port) attack Maker and miss.
• The crew member left on deck dies.

Round 4:
• Pirates (starboard) hacked the crew member apart and 3 more are attacking the helm
• Val runs up on deck and cast Energy Ray Fire on one of the skeletons
• Grey Fist charges a pirate and attacks with his fist
• Maker punches another pirate in the face
• Wystaria is below deck to grab her weapons, goes looking for the mink
• Caredric shifts and flies up into the rigging to attack a pirate that is hacking at the rigging
• Quill sees the skeletons attacking the helm. She runs for the helm yelling warnings to everyone. When she gets there she yells “Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? He didn’t have the guts!”
• Ivello follows Quill to the helm.
• Pirates (port) – one jumps out of the rigging at Caredric. He missed and falls to the deck, losing an arm but getting back up. Three attack Maker and miss.
• C’Ge runs after Quill and Ivello.
• Elleia prepares to rebuke undead. She takes control of all the pirates on deck and has them attack other skeletons.
• Crew begin to arrive and attack.

Round 5:
• Pirates (starboard) attack each other. Some of them move to flank Quill.
• Val casts Control Object on the netting and has it attack a pirate that is running to attack the helm.
• Grey Fist runs across the deck to join us.
• Maker moves and casts Grease on the area where the pirates are standing
• Wystaria asks the minks if they will go with her and do as she says if she releases them. They agree and she releases them.
• Caredric sees a pirate moving towards the helm and goes after it. He doesn’t quite get there.
• Quill attacks the prone pirate in front of her with her rapier. When she gets there she yells “What do you call a stupid skeleton? A numbskull!”
• Ivello attacks the prone pirate in front of him with his mace, but and hits. He smashes the pirate up pretty badly.
• Pirates (port) continue to attack us and each other. The one behind us continues attacking the helm. A chunk of the helm flies off. The air elemental screams.
• C’Ge attacks the other skeleton attacking us that is still standing and punches it successfully.
• Elleia moves closer to the helm. She commands the two skeletons at the back and tells them to protect her, and they move closer to her as she moves.
• Crew chases the skeletons. The Captain charges out of his cabin and up to the helm deck.

Round 6:
• Pirates (starboard) continue to attack us. One tries to stand and Ivello get an attack of opportunity, killing the skeleton. Quill also gets an attack of opportunity and stabs her skeleton.
• Val cast Control Object and smashed the skeleton behind the helm, destroying it.
• Grey Fist runs up the deck, leaps onto the helm deck and punches the skeleton, which falls prone again.
• Maker holds his action.
• Wystaria appears on deck with a swarm of mink, who rush forward and attack everything in their path, including crew members.
• Caredric offered help to the Captain, who told him “pray this works because if it doesn’t we’ll need to abandon ship”.
• Quill tumbles through the greased area, using the pirate as footing, doing bludgeoning damage as she goes through. She lands in front of the Captain, offering her assistance.
• Ivello attacks a pirate and misses.
• Pirates (port) continue to attack.
• C’Ge attacks a pirate, smashing it overboard.
• Elleia commands two of the skeletons to jump off the ship. The rest she commands to attack the minks.
• Crew start attacking minks. The Captain puts his hands on the helm and uses his dragonmark to command the elemental. “Somebody get these skeletons off my deck! HEY! Who let those minks out?”

Round 7:
• Pirates (starboard) attack the minks.
• Val looks off the port side for additional attackers
• Grey Fist looks off the starboard side for additional attackers
• Maker holds his action
• Wystaria stomps into the middle of the swarm, cussing and throwing minks.
• Caredric holds his action
• Quill holds his action
• Ivello holds his action
• Pirates (port) attack minks
• C’Ge holds his action
• Elleia holds her action
• Crew fights minks

Wystaria commands the minks to swim for the shore and freedom! They stop attacking and jump off the ship. Elleia then commands the skeletons to jump off the ship. Wystaria and Elleia help heal the crew members.
The Captain is grateful to the party for defending the ship and gives us a reward of 450 gp.
We arrive in mid-morning on the 1st of Dravago in Rhukaan Draal. The Captain tells us we can stay the night on the ship if we need to. He is leaving in the morning. We stop at the House Lyrandar office and ask the way to the Bloody Market. Ivello asks if they know anyone named Failin. They say yes, to try at an establishment called The Clenched Fist.
Val buys 6 lizards on a stick for 1sp, and asks for directions to The Clenched Fist. They haggle, he buys more and points to the building across the street.
There is a bugbear behind the bar. Val buys a drink. Quill orders what the other half elves are having and gets three drinks. She offers one to Ivello. The bugbear tells her 1gp for the drinks. She asks if he is Failin. He says, “Pay up or I’ll call the guard.” She slides 2gp onto the counter. He gestures to the corner.
There is a scruffy human with expensive clothes sitting in the corner. Quill sidles over and offers him the third drink. He looks at his wine glass pointedly and ignores the drink. She sits down and gestures for Wystaria to join her. They ask him about going to Rose Quarry. He says he can take them there and it will be about a 3.5 day journey. He and Wystaria haggle and she gets his price down to 45gp each and 30 up front. He agrees to leave immediately.

Into the Depths
Zol, Eyre 10th through Zor, Eyre 12th, 998 YK.
Wherein our heroes, curious about the murder of Provost Bonal Geldem of Morgrave University by an epigone of the Lord of Blades, accept the commission of Lady Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith to continue his work and recover an heirloom from the lower levels of Dorasharn Tower.

Taken from the personal letters of Quillathe d’Lyrandar:

Zol, Eyre 12, 998 YK (All in House Lyrandar code.)

To Lady Krishena Milyan d’Lyrendar from the hand of Lady Quillathe Milyan d’Lyrandar

Dear Aunt Krishena,

We had a couple of exciting days! Since we decided to take Lady Elaydren d’Vown up on her offer and hunt down the schema for her, we started out by doing some shopping and then some research. We picked up some alchemist’s fire (Maker’s idea!) and other supplies suited for an underground expedition.

Maker took the map Elaydren gave us of Dorasharn Tower to the Morgrave University library. He managed to talk the librarians into letting him peruse the rare books and maps, and found some maps of the same area dating from different time periods. According to those records, the schematics of the lower levels were quite different from our map. The numbering changed over time, and valve cluster E213 could be several miles from the location on our map.

Ivello went over to the “adventurers’ quarter” and asked some pointed questions about the area where we were going. He found out that the lower levels of Sharn aren’t abandoned as we previously thought, but actually have people living there. Unsavory folk, to be precise. The advice of the people he talked with was to go armed but be polite, and make nice with the locals, which includes a shifter enclave.

Grey Fist and I headed over to the Lyrandar Enclave to see what I could find out about Elaydren. She is apparently a loyal servant of Lady Jorlanna d’Cannith, whose power base is in Aundair. When Starrin dCannith and his son Norran d’Cannith died, and the ranks of the house leadership decimated, no effective or fair vote could be held to choose a successor. Cannith was paralyzed, and three heirs emerged to claim leadership; Merrix d’Cannith, Jorlanna d’Cannith and Zorlan d’Cannith. Merrix leads the southern faction, based here in Sharn. Zorlan appears to be solidly entrenched in Karrnath. While Cannith shows a united front to outsiders, they are clearly not above hiring adventurers to thwart each other’s plans. The Aundair and Sharn branches are particularly hostile to each other right now.

In the meantime, Wystaria, Caredric and Valakashtai went back to our rooms to drop off our shopping. Wysteria planned to cross-examine Valakashtai about her motives, but when they reached the rooms, an elf was waiting for them on the stairs outside. Her name was Elleia Haither and she was a cleric of the Undying Court. She had traveled to Sharn following a vision. Her vision led her to the warforged, Cutter. When she questioned the Watch, they directed her to us for more information. She was quite put out that Cutter was dead, and demanded to know what she was supposed to do next!

At that point, Grey Fist and I arrived. Introductions were made, and we encouraged Elleia to share more about her vision. She explained that Cutter was supposed to lead her to another warforged, with a dragon on his head. That warforged would lead her to her destiny. At that point, she announced that she would stay with us until she received a sign. She was fascinated by Grey Fist, since he is the first living warforged she had ever met. She was even more fascinated by Maker, who arrived next. Finally, Ivello returned and we were able to discuss what to do next. Maker solved the issue by rearranging our rooms and making a place for Elleia to rest.

The next morning we rose at down to head down to the lower levels of Dorasharn Tower. We set out, and soon arrived, in a Rat’s Market. We poked around and bought a sunrod from a goblin named Skakan who seemed to be in charge, (if anyone could be said to be in charge of such a place). We decided to ask him for directions to the valve cluster we were looking for. He was very obliging, and promised to lead us there for a modest fee. Not being fools, we offered him half up front and half upon arrival. It was extremely lucky for us that we met him! He led us straight there, in about fifteen minutes.

We walked down what felt like a hundred flights of steps into the sewers. It smelled horrific. When we got to the bottom, Maker cleared off some grime to reveal an inscription “E213”. We were at exactly the right place. As we gingerly stopped out into the sewer in single file…it was very close quarters, Maker spotted something in the shadows on the ceiling. It was another warforged!

Maker was able to flip the warforged out into the sewer as it dropped down on us. At the same time, two shifters approached me from behind, where I brought up the rear of the group. Two more shifters came upon the group from the other direction as well. The warforged identified himself as Slicer, and attacked Grey Fist and Maker verbally, chastising them for their association with “weak flesh beings”.

We fought furiously and the two shifters in the tunnel fell quickly. I dispatched the one before me with barely a scratch to show for it, and the second fled. We fought the warforged to a standstill and when he deactivated, we had a chance to stop for a breather. A small mechanical detached from Slicer and flew off before anyone could stop it. Maker expressed a desire to turn Slicer over to the Watch, to allow him an opportunity to realize the error of his ways. We tied him to the bars of the sewer, to recover later on our way out.

We made our way down the tunnel, and upon turning the corner we found another warforged sitting in the dirty water. He appeared to be meditating with yet another small mechanical. He was called C’Ge. He seems to be new, which is very shocking! We couldn’t very well leave him there, so we took him with us. He calls everyone either Father or Mother, which makes conversations somewhat confusing.

A little further down the tunnel, we found the entrance we needed to the Cannith Forge. It was a door with the Cannith sigil in the middle. Wysteria used the journal to open the door. On the other side there was a 30’ drop to a tunnel. We headed down to the tunnel and into the dark. When we get to the end of the tunnel, there is a large room with several ruined buildings. We were just deciding whether or not to explore the temple, when we were attacked!

It was a swarm of beetles. It was disgusting. We used up both our flasks of alchemist’s fire destroying the swarm. We decided not to continue in that direction after that. It turns out it was a lucky decision. We found the building with the forge. Wysteria tried opening the door with the journal again, with no success. In the end, we found a large hole in the roof.

First we lowered down Grey Fist. No sooner was he down, than he was attacked by three iron guardian dogs. He managed to defeat them handily. When he “killed” them, a panel in their heads opened. Wysteria, Ivello and I joined Grey Fist inside. We searched the room, and Ivello realized that there must be a hidden chamber behind the forge. There were four holes above the forge, a triangle, a square, a pentagon and a hexagon. We found the shaped metal pegs matching the holes in the dogs’ heads, oddly enough.

Ivello very cleverly reasoned that the pegs go in numerically. He did get shocked the first time, but it was because he didn’t push the triangle in all the way. We found quite a few things in the forge, including the schema we were hired to recover. We grabbed the loot and climbed out of the building. We were all feeling pretty good about things, as we lowered Grey Fist down off the roof. Just as he touched ground, he sprouted a flaming crossbow bolt in his chest!

Our attacker was Saber, self-styled as “the greatest follower of the Lord of Blades”. He shot Grey Fist a second time with another flaming bolt, while ranting at him about his ties to the rest of us. He clearly felt that Maker, Grey Fist and C’Ge were traitors for associating with the rest of us. We all hunkered down on the roof, and I threw a sunrod out into the room. Once we were able to see him, we returned fire. Shooting prone is harder than it looks! Everyone got in on the action, and finally Grey Fist was able to close with Saber. He neatly beheaded him, and we made our way out of the sewers.

The first order of business was to go home and clean up. We decided to get some rest, and head back to the Broken Anvil in the morning. Elaydren is very pleased when we give her the schema. She said if we stop by Sivis’ message station in Barmin Tower, we might find a message from her if there is more work for us. She paid us the rest of our gold.

It made for an exciting two days! Ivello and I are finding our adventures, and so far we are enjoying ourselves. More news when we have something to tell.

Much love,


Death in the Upper City
Sar, Eyre 7th through Zol, Eyre 10th, 998 YK.
Wherein our heroes gather together for the first time.

Our adventure starts in magnificent Sharn, the City of Towers. It begins, as many incidents in the City of Towers do, with a corpse. A warforged assassin, a mysterious blank book, and an offer from a House Cannith heir leads the adventurers into the depths of Sharn—eventually to an ancient ruin dating back to before the creation of the Kingdom of Galifar.

Taken from the personal letters of Quillathe d’Lyrandar:

Zol, Eyre 10, 998 YK

To Lady Krishena Milyan d’Lyrendar from the hand of Lady Quillathe Milyan d’Lyrandar

Dear Aunt Krishena,

Ivello, Maker, Grey Fist and I have arrived safely in Sharn. It only took us seven days by airship! We talked with the officials at the dock, as you suggested, and were given the use of a room in Dalanna Tower for close to a month. We went nearly straight there, the only delay being an interruption by a Kalashtar calling herself Valakashtai. She asked for my help, stating she is looking for her uncle, called Manomilk (sp?), whom she last heard from while traveling on one of our ships. We invited her back to the room to discuss the matter, since we were closer to the room than to the docks.

When we arrived at our room, what do you think we found? The room was already occupied. Ivello went out to the balcony to find a shifter hanging about, almost literally. His name is Caredric and he was there traveling with one Wysteria d’Vadalis. By the time Talic d’Ghallanda finally arrived with his apologies, we had agreed to share the room, in the interests of economy. Wysteria drove a hard bargain (I helped a little) and we got the use of the quarters for six weeks! That should be plenty of time for Ivello, Maker, Grey Fist and I to decide what to do next. Valakashtai ate their leftover food that was on the table from earlier without being invited! I think she must have been very hungry, so I held my peace on that matter. Wysteria and Caredric didn’t seem to mind so why should I?

We all went to dinner together and talked for quite some time. We eventually finished a fine meal and headed back to Dalanna Tower. We were nearly there when we spotted an assault in progress on one of the bridges. The assailant jumped over the side, leaving some poor man face down on the bridge! Maker quickly ran over to ascertain the damage, and sadly, it was fatal. Then the mysterious assailant came back up over the other side.

She was a warforged! She attacked me and I fell down (I’m fine now, I swear, nothing to worry you) and my companions beat her down until she fell. Then the Watch arrived and we were dealing with them for quite some time. Sergeant Dolom was quite efficient, but the matter still took some time to resolve. First we had to convince him we didn’t kill the fellow! Fortunately, there were more than a few bystanders who saw the attack.

(Next section in House Lyrandar code.)

I turned in early and the next morning, when I woke up, Maker told me we had a message in the night. It was an invitation to a secret meeting about the attack. Naturally, we hustled to the meeting, at dawn at The Broken Anvil Tavern. There we met with Lady Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith. She represents the interests of Cannith West, and is operating with some degree of subterfuge here in Merrix’s territory. Apparently, there is some schema she wants hidden somewhere in the undercity below Sharn. The dead man was one Bonal Geldem, and he was working for her. She offered to pay us 1000gp for the item.

We thought it over and decided to take the commission. It offers us the opportunity to get to the bottom of the mysterious attack, and make some cash in the process. I am somewhat leery of involving myself with House Cannith, but Maker is concerned about the involvement of the warforged assassin. She was enraged at him and at Grey Fist for their association with us. That sounds like a devotee of the Lord of Blades, and having that group operating in Sharn is a troubling matter. Additionally, there is the matter of the Kalashtar, Valakashtai. She has not mentioned her missing uncle in several days. Could she be an agent of Cannith? It seems unlikely, but the coincidence of my meeting with her is also unlikely. I will send more word when I have news.

My love to everyone there, and Ivello’s as well!



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