Shattered Kingdoms

Memories of the Fall

Sul, Nymm 1 through Mol, Nymm 2, 998 YK

With the bustling city of Sharn rising up far above them, our heroes search the ruins of the Glass Tower in the depths of Fallen. After the battling gangs of ravers, giant rodents and restless spirits they at last located and entered the home of the Stone Keepers, a notably strange raver clan who make their home in an inverted tower shard left over from the Fall. Memelith.jpg


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Memories of the Fall

Our travels through the remainder of the tower proved to be difficult. The Stone Keepers had an equal number of blink dogs among them. These creatures are highly intelligent and can shift into an ethereal state, making them a force to be reckoned with. We suffered multiple hit and run attacks, made more frustrating by the way our weapons often failed to harm the beasts. Valakashtai managed to kill one with fire and that seemed to hurt their morale long enough for us to transition between levels of the tower.

From that point on, we moved carefully, making sure to travel as a group. Without an easy target, the blink dogs became less of an issue as we picked our way through an odd labyrinth of low barricades and twisting halls. Greyfist cleared several floor traps by virtue of his high resistance to mundane injury.

We happened upon a girl, obviously a Stone Keeper, who seemed to be caring for the injured blink dogs. Both Wystaria and Valakashtai made overtures to them in an effort to avoid further bloodshed. Communication was difficult, as the girl seemed to have more the mind of an animal than a person. Regardless, we secured further passage into the tower and eventually reached the heart of Stone Keeper territory.

Traversing one final spiraling staircase led us to a large group of people, They all seem to behave as animals, like the girl. In fact, one gets the impression that the blink dogs (also present) are the dominant force here. One of the Stone Keepers tried to attack us, but was restrained by her kin. We believe for the most part that she was somehow paired to the slain blink dog. I find it ironic that a creature whose companion was slain whilst attacking others would react in such a way. Of course, my companions would behave the exact same way. An unending circle of violence can be so easily touched off with but a single death.

Elleia alerted us to the fact that a great host of spirits resided here. Something beyond the terrible accident that ruined this tower was forcing them to linger. Beyond the final door (which the Stone Keepers begrudgingly allowed only Wystaria to venture) stood the original goal of our quest. A tall, nearly perfect statue of an angelic figure bearing the tattered remnants of wings. A fallen angel, cursed by a power that felt all too familiar. The work of my old masters hung thick about that petrified monster.

Standing guard was probably the largest blink dog any of us had ever seen, watching over a small boy. The boy floated about, held aloft by long-dead spirits that manipulated him like a puppet. A sickening creature. It demanded a number of our lives in return for the blink dogs we slew. I began to worry that Wystaria would lose control of the situation when the spirit-boy suddenly lapsed into a strange fugue-like state. Retreating back to the group, we began to discuss further action.

Twas an odd conversation, having to watch my flesh and blood companions put forth false body language to fool the Stone Keepers around us that did not understand the common tongue. A plan to utilize surprise and slay the boy was decided upon. We hoped that his death would break the foul influence the statue was having upon the Stone Keepers and at the same time allow the poor child to pass on to a peaceful afterlife. I disliked the plan then and I dislike it now, but I will freely admit, for all my vaunted intelligence, I could think of nothing better.

Caredric summoned forth a thick fog which threw the Stone Keepers and the blink dogs into complete disarray. Using a ball of twine I had fashioned, we each reached the door in turn and struck the completely surprised child (I find it difficult to refer to him as a “creature”, though officially it was known as a Memelith) with our most powerful attacks. His death was quick and terrible. Seeing him die was more than I could handle. A child whose only crime was being born with a psionically receptive mind. What future might he have had? Would he have been a great hero, or used his potential for something darker? Did he ever even have a name? Who were his parents?

I did the only thing I could. In frustration and anger I struck the fallen angel’s petrified form. The architect of this tragedy. Again and again, my fists rained down. I don’t recall if I was actually screaming, but the sound in my head was deafening. I destroyed that monster with my bare hands. It felt good.

All the while Val, Quill and Wystaria (I think) were trying to calm the giant blink dog who was beginning to regain his senses after being stunned by a spell. Whatever they said must have been amazing (probably Quill’s doing, she could talk down a storm if she had a mind to do it), for the beast held its attack. Elliea gathered up the boy’s body with intent to give him a proper burial as soon as possible. Ivello scavenged about the room for things of value as the rest of the group began to frantically look for a means of escape. We used the remains of the statue to smash a hole through the tower wall and watched it fall, smote upon the face of Sharn.

By this time, the Stone Keepers were beginning to recover and not all of us had ways to safely descend to the ground. I started summoning winged constructs to aid the situation while those able to escape did so. Quill….assisted….Ivello with his descent. One of the blink dogs managed to appear in the room, but was caught up in a hierarchy struggle with its larger relative. In the end I used my feather token to escape after the others were safely out.

We did not stop at Blackstone Church for fear that the Stone Keepers might be tracking us via scent. Whatever the outcome of that final struggle, they appear to not have pursued us. Our client “CT” was displeased by our failure to return the statue or the hand. She paid a small sum after some convincing, but it was clear during the conversation that she had known something of the fallen angel all along. Elleia managed to convince her brethren to set aside a small plot for the boy’s remains. I hope his rest is peaceful.

The others seem to agree that the threat of the fallen angel reforming and one day breaking free from his petrification is too great to ignore. We have gathered several remaining shards of his body, one of which I sent with a flying construct out as far over the ocean as it could go. The others are planning different methods for disposing of the shards. I will keep a piece with me for safekeeping. Anyone that wishes to assemble that monster will have to face me at the very least, for whatever that is worth.

A weariness has settled upon my mind. There is much to do in the aftermath of our latest mission, and yet I find myself sitting upon the floor of our home without the will to act. Perhaps tomorrow. For now, I can appreciate my living companion’s need to sleep.

- From the personal journal of Maker

Memories of the Fall

Maker has received 300 XP for sharing his chronicle. (even though he didn’t put it in the main session summary!!!!)

Memories of the Fall

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