Shattered Kingdoms

Shadows of the Last War: The Machine Chamber

Sul, Dravago 8, through Wir, Dravago 11, 998 YK

Deep in the bowels of Whitehearth, our heroes come across a strange chamber filled with strange arcane gear, blistering heat, molten glass and a pair of angry fire elementals! Could this place hold their long-sought goal, the missing schema? Can they overcome its guardians? More importantly, can they escape the Mournlands with the prize?

After defeating the unbound fire elementals in the final laboratory of Whitehearth, our heroes finally recovered not only the long sought after schema (along with a replica presumably created by the fallen research staff), but also what appears to be a related creation pattern!

Emerging from the ruins of the Cannith research facility they find Brother Garrow and soldiers of The Emerald Claw lying in wait for them! A tense stand off and a brutal battle ensued ending with the party battered but victorious and a wounded Brother Garrow in full flight.

The group then returned to Darguun and Rhukaan Draal via Failin’s elemental cart, where, after leaving the strange little merchant-in-exile set up with enough stock looted from the Whitehearth supply rooms to open his own bizarre, they re-connected with their patron, Lady Elaydren d’Vown.

Overjoyed at the recovery of the schema, Lady Elaydren paid our heroes the agreed upon sum plus a stiff bonus. Unbeknownst to Lady d’Vown, the group only honored the letter of of their commission, concealing from her that they had also reclaimed a duplicate schema and the ancient creation pattern to which appears to belong.


Standing XP reward for chroniclers! Award = CR (Character Level/4).


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