Shattered Kingdoms

Shadows of the Last War: Whitehearth

Far, Dravago 6, and Sar, Dravago 7, 998 YK.

Braving the dangers of Darguun and Rose Quarry, our heroes have succeeding in evading agents of The Emerald Claw and slipping away with the correct location of the lost secret Cannith research facility located in the wreckage of what was once the kingdom of Cyre. Now they stand poised amidst the devastation of the Mournlands to enter the complex and retrieve the missing schema for Lady Elaydren, but puissant questions remain unanswered. What is this schema for and why is Canneth West so desperately interested in it? Is it somehow related to the previous schema our adventurers acquired for her from the ancient foundry in Sharn? Do they have anything to do with the Day of Mourning? What do both the Lord of Blades’ inimical followers and the Emerald Claw want with them? Why does Cannith West appear to wish to conceal the schemas’ discovery from the rest of House Cannith? And lastly, but perhaps most relevant to our heroes, what dangers await them in the ruins of Whitehearth?


Standing XP reward for chroniclers! Award = CR (Character Level/4).


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