Shattered Kingdoms

Shards of Hubris

The evening of Sar, Dravago 28, through Sul, Nymm 1, 998 YK

Rested and revitalized, recovering from the Aureon’s Crown celebrations, our heroes gird themselves for the business of carving out a place to call home in the bustling City of Daggers. In pursuit of this, they’ve accepted another salvage commission that has come their way, this time from a wealthy elven scholar whose home in Skysedge Park was recently burgled. hand.jpg

“The terms are straight-forward enough,” stated Kaelys Tela, lounging in the immaculate parlor of her home, Silvervine Tower. Immaculate, that is, save for the corpse of a filthy young man dressed in rags sprawled on the marble floor. “I am confident that the thieves came from Fallen. I don’t know if you know Sharn, but there are few places more wretched and dangerous. I don’t dare go there myself – that’s where you come in. If you go to Fallen and recover my property – a delicate hand carved from white marble, ending in a shattered forearm – I’ll pay you 900 pieces of gold. But…” She had leaned forward at this last, the only sign of true animation the glamorous elf had shown the entire interview. “If you recover the entire stature from whence it came, that gold becomes platinum. Are you interested?”


The reward for a session summary is now 300xp!

Shards of Hubris

Our group (still nameless) made good time down into the Fallen earlier today. We were set upon by Ravers shortly after entering their territory. Blooddrinkers, i think they were called. They struck hard, but fell fast. I didn’t feel much for them, honestly. A clear enemy.

We found the temple that the Stonekeepers are supposedly using as a base. I must admit, the architecture (even in it’s current sorry state) was impressive beyond all measure.

Exploring the ruins turned up mostly rot and peril, in the form of hideous rat-creatures. They were little challenge. A search of the room (a former pantry) turned up a nice wooden case. Ivello plans on investigating it later.

It appears that not all Ravers are completely degenerate. A small band of half-orc “Nightstalkers” made peaceful contact with us after a few tense moments and an offering of food. They gave us little in return, aside from information and a shaky promise not to attack us in the future.

A room by room search turned up little more than additional rat monsters, until we reached the spire itself. The clues provided by the Nightstalkers helped us prepare to face our greatest challenge yet. An undead spirit of madness and spite attacked us and despite our planning, it caused several of our number to temporarily succumb to insanity. Caredric and I have been injured more deeply. No physical wound, yet (for my part) I feel as though my psyche bears a terrible weight upon it. Almost as though the creature fed on my will to exist. After this venture, I may need to speak with Faela. Perhaps she can help?

We now stand before the spire itself, having defeated that terrible monster. From the outside, we can already see a potential issue. The spire is upside down! It must have fallen far enough that it struck the ground like some great spear of old, hurled by a mighty god. The perils of mortal hubris are on full display here…This may make traversing it even more dangerous, though. We will have to proceed carefully.

I did my best to protect Ivello. I believe that my power to mitigate injury may have saved him from the skeletal dogs that rose to attack us within the spire. Elleia managed to channel her clerical power against the monsters, this largely proved to be their undoing.

The battle went poorly, regardless. I blame myself for being reckless. I attempted to redeem my performance a bit by battering open a magically sealed chest we had no hope of opening properly. The contents appear to be magical and rather exciting to my dragonmarked companions. That is good at least. A journal of some sort was also recovered. We all agreed this should go to Wystaria, as it was clearly marked as property of her house. Now to rest.

This tower is mysterious! There are indications that has seen recent use and not by just simple Ravers. Ah yes! Lest I forget, the Stonekeepers. We have seen what we believe to be Stonekeepers, watching us from afar. They have not yet attacked and seem to share the strange teleportation ability of their ever-present canines. This is truly strange. I feel there is something deeper going on here, beyond a simple robbery by cultish madmen…

- From the personal journal of Maker

Shards of Hubris

Aaand 300 xp for Maker!

Shards of Hubris

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