Shattered Kingdoms


Wir, Dravago 25, through Sar, Dravago 28, 998 YK


Once again catching Captain Shane and the Happy Necromancer on its return leg to Sharn, our heroes enjoy some well-earned R & R as they ‘escort’ their patron, Lady Elaydren d’Vown, home from Rhukaan Draal. Parting ways at the harbor, the party stares up at the floating spires of the City of Daggers’ skyline and considers its options, being burdened with much loot, but no longer having a place to live…

The party returns from Darguun as the City of Towers prepares for the Holy Day of Aureon’s Crown, bedecking the streets with stylized blue dragons and the open tome (or black & white octagram) of Aureon, the wisest of the Sovereign Host. Crowds flock to the Upper Menthis University District and the Great Hall of Aureon, where Zor next learned priests will provide sermons and lectures on all manner of topics. Aureon’s Crown is traditionally graduation or advancement time for students and in the evening every community in the city will host huge feasts in honor of their various elders, who share their wisdom with younger generations.


Standing XP reward for chroniclers! Award = CR (Character Level/4).


I find myself troubled by the recent events surrounding our battle with the “cultists”. In many ways, I find fault with my own actions in trying to preserve the lives of the men and women that sought to do us ill. My conscience seems to war with my sense of practicality. It is logical and probably even wise to assume those we spared (at my obstinate request) will either die in the Mournlands, or return at some point to attempt further harm upon us. If I spare a life and that being then does greater evil, what good have I truly done for the world? Is mercy something EVERY creature deserves? And if the answer to that question is no….Then am I to stand in judgement when Fate places that choice in my hands? If I watch idly as my comrades slay a defeated foe, then I might as well be complicit. But is THAT a crime? I do not believe my friends to be evil. I can almost hear the arguments in favor of practicality and the greater good. These beliefs have merit. Perhaps my attempt to hold all life sacred is misguided. Perhaps there are those who would spit upon the mercy offered unto them and use it as an opportunity for greater evil. Perhaps there are some…..who simply need to be broken.

- From the personal journal of Maker


Our return to Sharn was almost uneventful. The group (we should establish a name for ourselves, really) decided (against me advice) to reveal the additional schema and creation pattern to Lady D’Vown. I still do not trust her. It goes beyond the Cannith connection. She’s hiding something important from us, I can FEEL it. I will stay quiet on this for now, otherwise it will just sound like sour grapes. From a warforged. At least we got paid.

Upon arrival in Sharn proper, the group (still in need of a name), decided it was paramount to secure new lodgings. I can understand how that would be important to biologicals, so I left them to it. I managed to complete several errands before the festival which was good. The University was eager to accept the research papers we had recovered from our previous venture. I may have discovered a new possible financial avenue for some of the more esoteric items we acquire in our journeys. The others should be pleased by this.

My visit to Inquisitive Narcill was enlightening. During the course of our conversation, he attempted to set my mind at ease by supporting my original point of view with the Emerald Claw soldiers. It was a nice gesture, but really just hammered home how unrealistic I was being.

Protect what you value. Offer mercy, then enforce destruction.

I will attempt to follow this variation on my core belief in our next violent encounter. Adjustments to follow.

Aureon’s Crown went well….for the most part. My day was enjoyable, getting to sit in on a presentation by the Tashalatora Order. The beliefs they hold are fascinating. Perhaps, I could learn something from them and potentially quell some of the doubts that gnaw at me?

A chance encounter with a creature called “Inspired” brings into question whether or not mercy is appropriate for all life forms. After seeing Valakashtai’s reaction to this creature, I questioned further regarding the relationship between the Kalashtar and Inspired. Here is a perfect example of how wrong I’ve been. The Inspired are slavers and despots. They seek to consume other races in a way that I can only describe as a “supreme violation”. My mind recoils at how these beings have established an ENTIRE KINGDOM dedicated to the ruination of other intelligent beings. Bearing this in mind, how could the Kalashtar even CONSIDER offering mercy to such beings, should the opportunity arise? In many ways, the TRUE mercy would be to wipe the Inspired from the face of this world, ending any further possible depredations they might inflict. I will should discuss this with Valakashtai later…

Watching the Tashalatora monks martial demonstration was most amazing. I firmly believe that, with time, I could master a similar manner of combat. I will begin personal training as soon as I secure the appropriate training texts. Perhaps the monks offer night classes?

Blackstone Church has not changed. Faela still works hard and does immeasurable good for the destitute around her. I wish I could do more. In her I see almost the perfectly ideal biological. Kind and patient. I would wager she does not suffer the moral quandaries that plague my mind. My old master, wicked as he was, said it best: “There is a purity in purpose.” If my circumstances improve to a great enough level, I will lend what power I can to raising up the Fallen. Perhaps the church could someday be rebuilt?

With the sun, rose chaos. C’Ge has inadvertently revealed to the group that his messenger component is reporting unknown data to an unknown third party. Valakashtai was dismayed by this. The others were torn over what to do. It seems fairly logical to me, though. In the end we came to an understanding with C’Ge and have quarantined the messenger, pending a meeting with this third party. I hope he understands. The risk that our enemies might be spying on us through the messenger is a very valid argument.

Wystaria has not returned with the sun. Caredric is deeply concerned over this and wants to enact an immediate search of the city. I believe this might be an overreaction, but will assist him regardless. The others are in various states of disrepair after the night’s festivities. Greyfist has reported to me an EXTREMELY confusing account of Quillathe and Ivello’s…“adventure”. I’m glad I wasn’t there. On an unrelated note, apparently high volume construction noise can induce vomiting in half-elves. I hope our enemies are not aware of this.

We found Wystaria after several false starts. She was somewhat addled, but otherwise fine. I delivered unto her a job request delivered (unto me) that morning (by a gargoyle, no less!) and we set out to meet with our mysterious and potential new client.

For the sake of privacy, I shall refer to our client as CT. CT was robbed during the festival by a gang of what clues seem to indicate are ravers from the Fallen. They took only one apparently low-value object, but killed several people in the attempt. One of their number was slain during the robbery and we examined the body. Unusual, ill-fitting, period clothing and a distinctive tattoo (see enclosed illustration) point to the Stonekeeper faction. The conditions of the job were set as recovery of the item and retaliation upon those responsible. While I am eager to fight and hopefully set my mind straight, I felt it necessary to consult with Inquisitive Narcill first. He sees no issue with our mission from a legal perspective. He warned me to make sure survivors will not speak out against the group. I’m not certain there will be any. “Protect what you value.”

Elleia and Valakashtai accompanied me back to Blackstone Church. The children were pleased to see us. Such things help to steel my mind to the future task. The ravers are a legitimate danger to Faela and these people. Eliminating them would be a service to everyone. Faela was extremely informative regarding raver territories. I think, with some proper planning, this mission will be successful. The money is good and our enemies await. I will be working to protect those whom I care about most.

“Offer mercy, then enforce destruction.” My path is clear.

- From the personal journal of Maker


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