Tag: MRS


  • The Morgrave Research Society

    A group of interns, young researchers and conspiracy theorists that occasionally meet in one of the old library wings to discuss the more mysterious phenomena of Eberron. They are not taken AT ALL seriously by "legitimate" historians and inquisitives, but …

  • "Mister Crank"

    A young half-elf that was disgraced within the research community after his "shocking discoveries" of a hidden race of "dwarf-riding reptilian humanoids" actually turned out to be a mistranslation of ancient goblinoid romance novels. He remains convinced …

  • "Mister Nobles"

    A gnome from House Sivis, he is the chronicler for MRS. An avid collector of legends and stories regarding legendary beasts. Mr Nobles is considered borderline insane by most of his house for his desire to one day find the Tarrasque's resting place.

  • "Mister Switch"

    A reedy, suspicious human woman in her late 30s and an apprentice transmuter. Believes demons are trying to infiltrate Sharn, posing as wealthy foreigners in disguise. Becomes nervous when asked about her sources. She is infatuated with Mr Crank.

  • "Mister Dark"

    An effeminate halfling of dubious origin and creepy demeanor. He(?) presents himself as a professional mystery writer and scholar, but Bellinda rightly believes there's more to this fellow than meets the eye. His works are popular with a "certain kind" of …

  • "Mister Strawberry"

    Bellinda works evenings at the University as a librarian. Shy and socially awkward, she nonetheless works hard to keep MRS focused and delving ever deeper into the secrets of the world. Her codename is Mr. Strawberry (she has short, auburn hair and loves …