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Welcome to wiki for The CDM’s Eberron campaign: Shattered Kingdoms!

“Gah, there are so many pages! Where do I start?”

Well for more mundane information try these:

  • For a current list of rule books, including how to access the PDF library try Gaming Resources.
  • Need to know how many Action Points or XP your character has earned? Go to Experience Rewards
  • “Wait, what day is it in the campaign?” The Time in Eberron page covers Eberron calendars, constellations and holidays so you can navigate the setting chronographics with √©lan.
  • Don’t know the difference between a Kalashtar and a Changeling? Why do House Phiarlan and Thuranni hate each other? Why does my gnomish friend always check his food for poison? Are you utterly and completely lost about how to get from one place to another in Sharn? Check out their pages to find out and look like an expert in front of your fellow players! There is a ton of setting related information here and more being added all the time.

Click here for a complete index of all the current pages!

Main Page

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