Shattered Kingdoms

Death in the Upper City

Sar, Eyre 7th through Zol, Eyre 10th, 998 YK.

Wherein our heroes gather together for the first time.

Our adventure starts in magnificent Sharn, the City of Towers. It begins, as many incidents in the City of Towers do, with a corpse. A warforged assassin, a mysterious blank book, and an offer from a House Cannith heir leads the adventurers into the depths of Sharn—eventually to an ancient ruin dating back to before the creation of the Kingdom of Galifar.

Taken from the personal letters of Quillathe d’Lyrandar:

Zol, Eyre 10, 998 YK

To Lady Krishena Milyan d’Lyrendar from the hand of Lady Quillathe Milyan d’Lyrandar

Dear Aunt Krishena,

Ivello, Maker, Grey Fist and I have arrived safely in Sharn. It only took us seven days by airship! We talked with the officials at the dock, as you suggested, and were given the use of a room in Dalanna Tower for close to a month. We went nearly straight there, the only delay being an interruption by a Kalashtar calling herself Valakashtai. She asked for my help, stating she is looking for her uncle, called Manomilk (sp?), whom she last heard from while traveling on one of our ships. We invited her back to the room to discuss the matter, since we were closer to the room than to the docks.

When we arrived at our room, what do you think we found? The room was already occupied. Ivello went out to the balcony to find a shifter hanging about, almost literally. His name is Caredric and he was there traveling with one Wysteria d’Vadalis. By the time Talic d’Ghallanda finally arrived with his apologies, we had agreed to share the room, in the interests of economy. Wysteria drove a hard bargain (I helped a little) and we got the use of the quarters for six weeks! That should be plenty of time for Ivello, Maker, Grey Fist and I to decide what to do next. Valakashtai ate their leftover food that was on the table from earlier without being invited! I think she must have been very hungry, so I held my peace on that matter. Wysteria and Caredric didn’t seem to mind so why should I?

We all went to dinner together and talked for quite some time. We eventually finished a fine meal and headed back to Dalanna Tower. We were nearly there when we spotted an assault in progress on one of the bridges. The assailant jumped over the side, leaving some poor man face down on the bridge! Maker quickly ran over to ascertain the damage, and sadly, it was fatal. Then the mysterious assailant came back up over the other side.

She was a warforged! She attacked me and I fell down (I’m fine now, I swear, nothing to worry you) and my companions beat her down until she fell. Then the Watch arrived and we were dealing with them for quite some time. Sergeant Dolom was quite efficient, but the matter still took some time to resolve. First we had to convince him we didn’t kill the fellow! Fortunately, there were more than a few bystanders who saw the attack.

(Next section in House Lyrandar code.)

I turned in early and the next morning, when I woke up, Maker told me we had a message in the night. It was an invitation to a secret meeting about the attack. Naturally, we hustled to the meeting, at dawn at The Broken Anvil Tavern. There we met with Lady Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith. She represents the interests of Cannith West, and is operating with some degree of subterfuge here in Merrix’s territory. Apparently, there is some schema she wants hidden somewhere in the undercity below Sharn. The dead man was one Bonal Geldem, and he was working for her. She offered to pay us 1000gp for the item.

We thought it over and decided to take the commission. It offers us the opportunity to get to the bottom of the mysterious attack, and make some cash in the process. I am somewhat leery of involving myself with House Cannith, but Maker is concerned about the involvement of the warforged assassin. She was enraged at him and at Grey Fist for their association with us. That sounds like a devotee of the Lord of Blades, and having that group operating in Sharn is a troubling matter. Additionally, there is the matter of the Kalashtar, Valakashtai. She has not mentioned her missing uncle in several days. Could she be an agent of Cannith? It seems unlikely, but the coincidence of my meeting with her is also unlikely. I will send more word when I have news.

My love to everyone there, and Ivello’s as well!



Standing XP reward for chroniclers! Award = CR (Character Level/4).

Death in the Upper City

75 XP has been awarded to Quill for your chronicle of the first session, Amy.

Death in the Upper City

Quote of the Session goes to HD for ending the “What should we do?” debate with “At least if we take the obvious adventure hook, we know it will be level-appropriate!”

Death in the Upper City

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