House Cannith

House Cannith is one of the thirteen Dragonmarked Houses.Cannith

House Cannith, consisting of humans with the Mark of Making, includes alchemists, artificers, and magewrights of great skill, as well as the best mundane crafters on the continent. House Cannith arose in pre-Galifar Cyre almost twenty-five hundred years ago. Originally, the Cannith clan consisted of traveling tinkers, repairers, and crafters whose burgeoning dragonmarks gave them an edge over the competition. As the house developed, it turned its attention to supernatural disciplines, studying alchemy and pioneering the techniques of artificers and magewrights. As builders, fixers, and creators, the house maintains a lawful outlook. Some of its greatest accomplishments include the lightning rail, the warforged, and the high-rising towers of Sharn.

The destruction of Cannith’s ancestral estates in Cyre and the death of the patriarch have thrown the house into chaos. Three leaders have emerged, each intending to lead the house into the future. While the situation hasn’t yet grown as bad as the split in the Mark of Shadow family that resulted in the creation of a new house, none of the emerging Cannith leaders is willing to accept the others as the new house patriarch. So far, they have reluctantly shared influence in the family by concentrating on their own regions and not attempting to pull the entire family together.

Baron Jorlanna d’Cannith operates out of Fairhaven and oversees the house’s efforts in Aundair, Thrane, and the Eldeen Reaches. Baron Merrix d’Cannith leads the house’s activities in Breland, Zilargo, and Darguun from holdings in Sharn. Baron Zorlan d’Cannith controls house operations in Karrnath, the Mror Holds, and the Lhazaar Principalities from an enclave in Korth.

House Cannith maintains two guilds. The Tinkers Guild serves to maintain society by repairing damaged structures and vehicles, maintaining infrastructures in the major cities, and performing similar crafts. Cannith tinkers often travel on circuits between smaller villages, using magical and mundane skills to assist communities that they pass through. The Fabricators Guild performs the greatest works of craft, artifice, and magic. The guild is divided into dozens of specialties, including architects, elemental binders, alchemists, and armorers. The Fabricators Guild closely guards the secrets of its creation patterns. With one of these patterns (each made up of three or more sections called schemas), a member of the guild can replicate an item faster and with less effort than someone working without a pattern.

The services provided by House Cannith are invaluable, and all the nations and dragonmarked houses have an interest in maintaining friendly relations with the House of Making. House Cannith’s greatest enemy is itself. Both Jorlanna and Zorlan seek to gain control of the entire house, while Merrix is content to rule over the southern interests.

House Cannith

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